Landmarks of great commerce identify metropolitan areas throughout the nation.

We're Not Afraid of Going to New Heights
Picture The Chrysler Building, The Sears Tower, and The Transamerica
Building. These structures have become lighthouses in the sea of commerce.
We understand that providing a central location for business is not only important,
but absolutely necessary for certain industries.

Projects of mammoth proportions have their own special issues. At J.D. Long
Masonry, we expect issues to arise and we expect to resolve them efficiently
and expeditiously. You'll come to expect the same.

From corporate offices to office town homes, from Richmond to Baltimore, we'll
make sure your landmark is done, on the mark, with budget in mind, one brick
at a time.

For more information on putting our commercial masonry solutions to work
for you, contact us at (703) 550-8880 or e-mail us at

Representative Commercial Projects

  • Hi-Rise Office Buildings
  • Business Parks
  • Corporate Headquarters
  • Hotels, Motels, Resorts
  • Office Town Homes
  • Industrial Centers
  • Warehouses