Reconstructing the Pentagon: A matter of national pride.

J.D. Long Masonry
is awarded National
Institutes of Health
CRC contract.

Bricklayers needed
for NIH-CRC project.
We don't just report the news, we make it.

Reconstructing the Pentagon block by block.
A team of patriots reconstructing a symbol of freedom.

The Project: J.D. Long Masonry's field personnel will be working hand in hand with the engineers and supervisors in the reconstruction of the pentagon project.

The Challenge: Our contribution to the September 11, 2002 deadline will require forces to reconstruct the interior masonry walls working multiple levels and rings simultaneously.

The Details: All of the masonry walls in the reconstruction work are vertically reinforced every 16 inches and are completely grouted solid. Setting up individual mixing operations directly on each floor of the building adjacent to the walls being constructed, as well as stocking materials after hours is the only way to keep up with the pace of construction. All of this combined with extra tight security for both personnel and delivery trucks.

Press releases on the Pentagon Project
March 11, 2002
J.D. Long Masonry is awarded the masonry portion of The Pentagon reconstruction project.
Arlington, VA - J.D. Long Masonry, Inc. of Newington, VA has been chosen as masonry contractor on the reconstruction of the Pentagon section damaged on September 11, 2001.