J.D. Long Masonry takes safety seriously.

An Ounce of Preparation Equals a Pound of Prevention
JD Long Masonry has made serious commitments toward the safety of all people and property on and off the job sites. The company adheres to a comprehensive safety program that incorporates safe practices into production activities using guidelines provided by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Mason Contractors Association of America, and our insurance carrier. In addition to information gathered from outside sources, input from our experienced workforce has proven highly valuable when considering best practices.

Some of the programs that JD Long Masonry has implemented to reduce the overall impact of injuries include:

  • 100% eye protection at all job sites
  • 100% head protection at all job sites
  • Rough terrain forklift training by the equipment manufacturer
  • Upgrading to scaffold and work platforms with integral guardrail systems
  • Minimum training requirements for all supervisory personnel
  • Drug and alcohol free workplace program that screens all applicants and subjects all employees to ongoing random testing
  • 24-hour immediate injury management services provided by an outside contractor to ensure injured employees receive timely and adequate medical treatment
  • Modified duty program to aid injured employees in returning quickly to duty
  • Safety bonus for supervisory personnel based upon injury rates and adherence to company safety policies
  • Ongoing safety training for all employees via weekly safety meetings and special training sessions

A Continuing Commitment to Safety
JD Long Masonry maintains a full-time Safety Director to aid with the implementation of the Safety and Loss Control Program.

The Safety Director's duties include:

  • Monitoring conditions at job sites and providing consultation to the site supervisors
  • Controlling the selection and acquisition of personal protective equipment
  • Coordinating and tracking training activities
  • Distributing information to employees regarding safety issues
  • Ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations
  • Conducting and documenting incident investigations
  • Managing the drug and alcohol-free workplace program
  • Communicating with the insurance carrier
  • Maintaining applicable record keeping for incidents

To read in detail about our safety policies, contact our Safety Director, Pat Evinger at safety@jdlongmasonry.com for access to our Safety Policy Section. If you have already been given a username and password, click here to access the Safety Policy Section.

From our owner and officers to our field laborers, the corporate commitment to safety is priority number one. JD Long Masonry. Building a foundation for success, on brick at a time.