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The story behind the forensic science's new home in Richmond, Virginia.

Biotech Two: There's more than meets the eye.
Architect: Dewberry & Davis
General Contractor: Turner Construction Company

This unique project is located in downtown Richmond, Virginia and is surrounded by three streets, one of which is an exit ramp for Interstate 64 into the city. The facility is used by the state of Virginia for forensic science research and study. The design of the building required three different colors of architecturally ground faced concrete masonry units and two different colors of standard modular face brick, all of which had matching colored mortar materials.

The east and west elevations were constructed using the three different ground faced cmu. The two elevations
are constructed primarily of black and white ground face. If you look closely
you will see that only every other level
of the window bands are actually
real windows.

The alternating ones are false recessed panels constructed of black ground face cmu. This gives the impression of a six-floor building when in fact there are only three. Each of these recessed false window panels consists of at least 30 custom made specialty units, some of which had to be manufactured from a standard unit thaen hand shaped and ground to the Architect specifications.

The north and south elevations were designed to resemble old row houses, which are in the area surrounding the facility. These elevations incorporated red brick panels resembling downtown row houses. Each of these panels incorporated a window frame design with a more residential look to it. Each is crossed over with bonded brick jack arch and soldier arches. Topping off each of the red brick panels are pre-cast cornice stones resembling that of a roofline for the row houses.

JD Long Masonry is proud to have
been apart of providing this showcase project to the state of Virginia.

The project's creative design features and difficult site conditions made this project a challenging success for our organization. Careful attention to the Architect's design needs while addressing the projects schedule demands and site constraints were all in a days work for our team.