Letting us know how we do, makes it easier for us to please you.

Putting it in writing.
On occasion, a client or partner will let us know personally how we impacted their project. We are in the business of building relationships, and feedback from our partners and clients is invaluable.

Below are excerpts from letters of commendation received by J.D. Long Masonry, Inc. for going above and beyond the call of duty:

Project: Catharpin Middle School
From: Dustin Construction, Inc.

It is not very often that I take time out to write a contractor a thank you letter for doing their job, but I think it is in order for this project. Your team conducted business with us professionally and expeditiously, and helped me to push the job. Their dedication to quality, while trying to satisfy our needs for quantity, was top notch.

I appreciate all of their efforts on this project, and I look forward to working with your firm again on the Seneca Ridge High School project. Thanks again for all of your efforts.


Mike Pickett
Project Manager

Dustin Construction, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD

Project: EZ Storage - Westbard
From: Chas. H. Tompkins Company

I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation for the services of your foreman on the EZ Storage Westbard project. He was a tremendous asset to our team and his efforts should be commended.
The masonry work was executed safely and on schedule and I believe that his leadership was key to our project's success.

I look forward to another successful project with Long Masonry in the near future.


George R. Nash, Jr.
Project Manager

Chas. H. Tompkins Company
a subsidiary of J.A. Jones Construction Company
Washington, DC

Project: Emerald Hill Elementary School
From: Construction Control Corporation

Our firm was the construction manager on the Emerald Hill Elementary School project in Culpepper, Virginia from the fall of 1996 through the summer of 1997. During this time we had an opportunity to work very closely with Long Masonry since they were the subcontractor who constructed all of the masonry walls and brick veneer on this project.

Our firm manages construction projects all over the southeastern United States. The work that Long Masonry did on the Emerald Hill Elementary School project is absolutely the best that I have ever seen. We experienced none of the quality problems that you typically see on most masonry jobs.

The foreman in charge of Long Masonry's forces on this project, was truly a pleasure to work with. He knew what had to be done and he set out to do it in a professional and timely fashion. This project was plagued by adverse weather conditions from the very beginning, but he and his crew were able to finish close to the original completion date in spite of the conditions.

I would not hesitate to recommend Long Masonry to anyone at any time. They have the resources to properly handle any masonry job and the quality of their work is outstanding. In this age of a diminishing construction force, they have been able to maintain high quality standards and achieve
the production necessary to finish projects on schedule.

Sincerely yours,

John J. Caron

Construction Control Corporation
Columbia, SC

Project: Target T-1041 Richmond West
From: TARGET/ Mervyn's Property Development

The Target Store T-1041 located on Midlothian Turnpike in Richmond, VA is completed, and has
opened on schedule.

I want to thank all of our subcontractors for a job well done. Thanks to your crew for putting forth the extra effort necessary to complete this job under a push schedule. Special thanks go out to your foreman on this project for his fine work and dedication to the job.

I have enjoyed working with you, and hope we can work together again.


Bruce Collins

Target 0.S.R.