J.D. Long Masonry provides complete masonry solutions for partners large and small.

Scalable and Flexible
Our scalable brick and block solutions provide our partners with the ability to
use our resources on any project that they may have. We specialize in being
able to address and resolve difficult issues that arise on our client's projects.
On occasion, we've been brought in expressly to complete projects where
others have been unable. Whether you're building a shopping mall, a correctional facility, or the next vintage baseball stadium, J.D. Long Masonry
has the answer, on the mark, with budget in mind, one brick at a time.

A Partnership with Unlimited Potential
We are a full-service masonry contractor, in fact one of the largest in the nation.
But when you break it down, we're really in the business of building
relationships. J.D. Long Masonry is a partner in the truest sense of the word.

As partners and masons, we work with our partners to provide masonry
solutions uniquely appropriate for each project. By analyzing and isolating key
elements critical to the project's success, we are able to build value into every
aspect of the process. Our ability to value-engineer the masonry phase of the
project increases the probability of our partners meeting time and cost contract
incentives. When our partners succeed, we succeed.